Vision & Values

Belmont exists to help people experience, explain, and demonstrate the good news that in following Jesus Christ we know peace and life with God. All that we stand for as a church is summed up in our strapline: “Sharing the Story, Living the Life.” Equipped and empowered by the Holy Spirit, we want to be sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ in our conversations and also living out our faith in acts of love and concern. As God uses us in both of these ways, our prayer is that more and more people will come to know Jesus for themselves as Saviour and Lord and join us in worshiping Him.

Values: WHAT are the principles that guide HOW we do things?

Our core values find practical expression in four commitments: Knowing, Growing, Caring, and Sharing.

Small Groups, Care & Support

Home Groups

There are quite a few people who come to Belmont. The best way to enjoy the friendship and fellowship that Belmont offers is to join a home group. These are groups of Christians from Belmont who meet a couple of times a month at various locations across the city. They are the primary place where we grow as Christians and are encouraged and challenged to go deeper in our walk with Jesus. That’s why we encourage everyone who comes to Belmont regularly to join a home group.

Pastoral Care

We work to be a friendly, caring church where most day-to-day care for each other is given through home groups. But for many of us there may be times in our lives (such as bereavement, illness or family problems) when we’d appreciate a little extra help and that’s where the Care Team can help out by putting you in touch with someone who can offer support.

Prayer @ Belmont

Prayer is vital for everything we do at Belmont and happens in lots of different ways. After services ask a prayer team member or another Christian to pray with you on any matter large or small. Prayer Thursday meets on Zoom at 7.15am and 1.00pm each Thursday. It’s a group that prays together for Belmont’s ministry at home and further afield. Each week we have a different prayer focus. Come and join us!

Our beliefs

We are members of the Evangelical Alliance and have adopted their statement of belief. 

Here is what we believe.