We love sharing about how Jesus Christ changes lives. The good news that Jesus offers transforms us. Jesus is the real centre of this church.  We’re convinced that Jesus Christ wasn’t just a great human hero; he was the Son of God, who not only came to this planet but even died here so that we could find forgiveness and new life. And it’s a bit inaccurate to use the word “was” because we’re also convinced that he’s alive today, ready to step into our lives whenever we invite him, and to change everything through his presence and his love. Belmont exists to help people discover the reality of his living friendship, his forgiveness and the new life that comes from following him.

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If you attend here, does that make you a Christian? No, it doesn’t. Coming to church is a useful and worthwhile thing to do – and if you’re a Christian, it’s a vital part of belonging to God’s family.

But it doesn’t make you a Christian; that depends on something else! Real Christians are people who have admitted to God that they aren’t able to live life up to God’s perfect standard; that like everybody else, they’re failures who mess up again and again. But Christians ask God to forgive them, trusting that Jesus’ death on the cross has made a way for God to accept them into his family. And so they commit themselves to living in a new way in future and to enjoying the friendship of Jesus and the power of the Holy Spirit to help them live a new, dynamic, fulfilled life.

Want to find out more?

Three times a year we run a series of evenings designed especially to answer questions about Christianity and explain the reasons for trusting and following Jesus Christ.  If you have questions about Christianity and want to find out what it’s all about and what it means for you. There’s plenty of time for discussion of any questions you bring along.  We’d love to see you on a Tuesday evening.  Find out more about the current series.