Teams & People

Lots of people. There’s a “Leadership Team” of men and women who have ultimate responsibility for what the church does. And there are trustees who are financially and legally responsible. But there are many others who run one area of the church’s activity, or lead a small group. These activities are coordinated through Ministry Teams and their leaders.  We have some staff members who work part-time or full-time to develop our work and keep it going. But they aren’t “in charge”. The staff team is there to support the work that everyone else is doing. This church belongs to everybody.
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We don’t believe a church should be a closed little club, shut away from the real world. We think Christians should be out there making a difference in society. So you’ll find individual Belmont members involved in a staggering variety of groups and organisations and charities.  We work with many organisations with whom we share a commitment to sharing the good news about the Lord Jesus.

We work closely with other churches in Exeter through the One for Exeter group, and also are part of Partnership, a national network for supporting independent churches.  We are members of the Evangelical Alliance.



One for Exeter:


Where does Belmont’s money come from?

The facilities here are paid for and maintained by the church members themselves. We believe that if God has called us to do a job for him, he’ll provide the resources; and for over more than a century, he always has. We try not to over-emphasize money, although we do teach that Christians have a responsibility to give back to God a bit of what he’s blessed us with already. But we don’t make rules about how much that should be; it’s up to the individual.

What does Belmont do with its funds?

A large church like this receives money from its members every week. How is it spent? Much of it is spent on keeping the church going; salaries, light and heat, office expenses and other needs have to be met. But we still manage to give a lot away. We’re supporting Christian and charitable work in many parts of the world. God’s work isn’t just what we do here; we want to help make it happen all over the globe. There’s no mystery about Belmont’s finances. Regular church meetings keep everybody informed about how we’re spending it. We just want to use it as effectively and strategically as possible!